Scallops, Pea Puree & Prosciutto Recipe

This is a very quick and easy starter recipe which will impress your friends. The simplicity of the cooking allows the ingredients to speak for themselves.



Serves 2

6 Scallops (roe & muscle discarded)

3 slices Prosciutto (chopped)

200g Peas

50mls water

6 mint leaves

½ chicken stock cube

Lambs Lettuce dressed with lemon juice



Start by making the pea puree. Add the peas, mint, water and stock to a pan. Cook over a medium heat for 2 minutes. Transfer to a food blender and blitz until smooth. Add lemon juice and salt to taste. Return to the pan and keep warm

Next add a tbsp of oil to a frying pan over a medium heat.  Fry the prosciutto until crispy and set aside. Season the scallops with salt and pepper. Return the frying pan to a medium heat and when hot add the scallops. Cook for 1 minute on one side then turn and cook for a further 30 seconds. Add a squeeze of lemon juice at the end of cooking.

To serve spoon the pea puree in the middle of the plate. Lay three pieces of prosciutto on top then a scallop on top of this. Scatter the remaining prosciutto and lambs lettuce round the edges of the plate for decoration.


Download the Recipe below

Scallops, Pea Puree & Prosciutto Recipe


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