Tuk Tuk

Tuk Tuk is situated on the corner of Edinburgh’s Leven Street offering diners Indian street food. The chef’s in Tuk Tuk aim to prepare dishes inspired by traditional street food using authentic spices and fresh local ingredients.

20140801_195636_1As soon as you enter there is a buzz. The restaurant was very busy and the staff were running around speedily serving the customers. The décor is very different; with the walls painted grey and tin lights hanging it almost feels like the inside of a garage. Wooden tables and metal chairs and benches add to this effect.

The menu advises you to order 3-4 dishes each as they are tapas size. We all ordered 4 (there were 4 of us) with rice and naan to share. One of the added bonuses to Tuk Tuk is that it also offers BYOB with no corkage charge. We tucked into poppadoms and chutneys whilst we waited for our dishes to arrive.

20140801_201029_1Poppadoms and Chutneys

Whilst waiting I was very aware of the noise in the restaurant. The noise seemed to circulate in the room and I was finding it difficult to hear my fellow diners speak. However, it is street food so maybe this noisy, bustling street atmosphere is what they are looking to achieve.

The dishes all came together. I started with Channa Puri, one of my favourite Indian starters.  The chickpeas still had a slight bite to them which gave texture and the sauce was balanced perfectly with a sharpness of lemon to give a fresh zingy taste to the dish. This was served on a deep fried flatbread. A perfect start to the meal.



Channa Puri

Next up was Butter chicken. This was a creamy dish topped with almonds and was heavenly. The chicken was moist and succulent and the sauce was full of flavour, perfect to soak up with the garlic naan bread which was crispy and light.



Butter chicken



Garlic Nann Bread

My friend had another stand out dish; Raste Ke Biryani. The chicken had been cooked on the bone which may not please everyone but this added more flavour to the dish.



Raste Ke Biryani

From the waiters recommendation I ordered PaniPuri. These were puffs filled with a soft potato filling which you then poured the sauce into. I was taken by surprise when I bit into one and it was cold. I am still unsure of this dish, I did not hate it but I also did not love it. They were very fresh tasting and different but I do not think I would order them again.




My final dish was Laal Maans. A spicy mutton curry. This was on the hotter scale of spicetuk. The balance of spices was perfect. The heat continued in my mouth but was not burning, just warming. The meat melted in the mouth.



Laal Maans

The food in Tuk Tuk is exceptional and is by far the best Indian food I have tasted so far in Edinburgh. The only let down for me was the noisy atmosphere, which is a shame as it is the only reason this restaurant loses marks for me. However, this is a personal thing and for many this may not be such a problem. I would definitely urge anyone who loves their Indian food to give it a try for themselves as your taste buds will not be disappointed.

Finer details

Bill for Four: £88

Food: Indian street food

Service: Friendly and attentive

Atmosphere: Lively

Overall: 8.5/10

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3 comments on “Tuk Tuk
  1. Hi Stace,

    Was nice to read your review about Tuk Tuk, it’s round the corner from me but have still not tried it.
    In India Bhel puri is something totally different! It’s puffed rice with some Bombay mix and spiced with tamarind juice, raw onion, tomatoes, coriander and spices and is eaten as a cold snack, not as part of a meal. The picture is something we call as SPDP- it is shev (Bombay mix), dhai (yogurt) potato and puri! And is also eaten as a evening snack. I should visit this place as the food sounds nice

  2. Hi Stace/Nandita,

    The dish in question is actually panipuri. The photo you have posted is tuk tuks pani puri. They have bhelpuri but that is something completely different! Its actually panipuri that you ordered. Nandita, you should definitely try it. Its awesome!

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