Steak on Stones Review

I have been to Steak on Picardy Place on several occasions and always found the food, staff and atmosphere practically faultless. I was eager to test out Steak on Stones which is their sister restaurant on the same premises. At Steak on Stones you become the chef by cooking your chosen steak on a 350-degree volcanic stone. This allows the meat to sear in its own natural juices and gives the diner a unique experience of cooking for themselves.


The restaurant is small and is dominated with an open flamed fire. The dining tables are solid wood and even the tables for 2 are large, providing enough room for the hot stones.

There were 5 starters on offer but I opted just to go straight to the main event, ordering the House Classic which is a 200g Rump steak. The meat arrived very swiftly along with the hot stone, sides and sauces. The waitress advised that I season the hot stone with salt first and then offered some guidance on how long to cook for my desired outcome of medium rare. After cooking our first piece of meat the steak was beginning to stick to the stone. The meat itself, once cooked, was juicy and very tasty.




To accompany the steak I ordered chimichurri which unfortunately was probably the worst I have tasted. The consistency was very dry and the dominant taste was of thyme which gave an overriding woody taste rather than the more familiar tangy and spicy.



To share we ordered a portion of homemade chips and spicy potato wedges. The chips were crisp on the outside and fluffy inside. The spiced potato wedges on the other hand were not so successful. To me it seemed as thought the wedges were cooked and then dusted with raw, dry spices rather than the spices being cooked into the wedges. This left an unpleasant powdery taste in the mouth.


Homemade Chips


Spicy Potato Wedges

Since you cook your own steak the whole experience is a lot quicker than going to a normal steak restaurant. The concept is fun and adds an element of uniqueness however I feel that this should reflect on the price. The steak itself was delicious but for the same price you can go next door to Steak and get it cooked to perfection for you. I know which option I would choose!

Finer Details

Price: £31 for Steak and sides for 2

Food: Steak

Service: Pleasant

Atmosphere: Warm and Spacious

Overall: 5.5/10

Steak on Stones
  • Atmosphere - 6.5/10
  • Service - 6/10
  • Food - 5/10
  • Value for Money - 5/10
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2 comments on “Steak on Stones Review
  1. Thanks for the detailed blog Stacey. Is this at the top of leith walk? I live and work in Edinburgh and I’ve not actually seen this place. After your review I feel as though me and my partner won’t be rushing there any time soon. Not sure how I feel about cooking my own food when out for something to eat??? Love the blog and will continue to follow more write ups. Ps found your blog through Twitter.
    Many thanks, Ross K.

    • Yeah, it is opposite the Playhouse. Thank you for reading my reviews. I write my blog as I love everything to do with food but it is great knowing people are getting benefit from my blog to. Thank you.

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