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Recently I have read many articles talking about what food trends to expect in 2016. Amongst these, Turkish cuisine appears to be a hot topic. In all honesty, I haven’t eaten a lot of Turkish cuisine, however more and more Turkish restaurants are opening in Edinburgh, I thought it was about time I gave it a go.

Rodi’s Turkish BBQ Restaurant is situated on Morrison Street in the West End.  They focus on using locally sourced ingredients which are freshly prepared daily then cooked on a traditional Ocakbasi (open BBQ). The very small open plan kitchen and Ocakbasi is at the back of the restaurant and as soon as you arrive the smells are welcoming and very tempting.


As a table of four, we decided to order the Rodi’s Special which consisted of a cold platter served with homemade Turkish bread to start with the addition of “Hellim’ (Halloumi Cheese). This was followed by a mixed grill of an Adana, Lamb Skewer, Chicken Skewer, Lamb Chops, Chicken Wings and Lamb Ribs served with rice. On the side was some salad, Chilli and Garlic sauce and pitta bread.

The cold platter soon arrived and consisted of various meze dishes. Each one was delicious in its own right. ‘Patlican Tarator’, a smoked aubergine puree with yoghurt and olive oil was delightful. The ‘Humus’ was smooth and creamy . ‘Biber Ezme’ consisted of thinly diced roasted peppers blended with celery, mint, parsley, tomato and a hint of garlic and was definitely up there as one of my favourites. ‘Cacik’ which for me was like greek tzatziki; fresh cool chopped cucumber mixed in creamy Turkish yoghurt with a touch of mint, garlic and olive oil. A salad of ‘Kisir’ was a great contrast to all the dips. Crushed wheat salad which still had a slight bite mixed with tomato, cucumber, spring onion, parsley lemon and pomegranate syrup which added sweetness. As an extra we were given a complimentary dish of roasted onions. These were sweet and juicy and still had some firmness. This was all served with warm homemade Turkish bread. This was a fantastic starter, every dish bursting with rich flavours and perfect for sharing with friends.


The extra order of grilled Haloumi ‘Hellim’ was cooked to perfection; charred slightly on the outside while the soft texture and saltiness was to die for.


Now to the main event, the mixed grill. This certainly wasn’t for the faint hearted! A large platter of bbq meats was presented at the table. Every piece of meat was tender, moist, juicy and all seasoned to perfection. It was a great way to taste a variety of the menu. Chargrilled whole peppers and tomatoes were topped the meat platter and made a very tasty garnish. On the bottom was a layer of fluffy rice which had small pieces of noodle through it. This soaked up all the natural juices from the meat sitting on top. Served alongside the platter was a simple salad which had fresh lemon squeezed over and a sprinkle of spice. A tasty chilli sauce also accompanied the main event. It wasn’t until I got home that I read it should have been served with pitta bread. We did not get this but, to be honest, I don’t know how I would have managed to eat it anyway.


Despite being very full from the starters and mains we ordered 2 baklavas between the party of four. The baklava pastry was thin and crispy, stuffed with sweet, chewy nuts and made a perfect way to end a great meal.

I will definitely return to Rodi. The food is simple, but wonderfully done and as tasty as it gets. I really can’t recommend it highly enough. The staff are very friendly and the kind hospitality and Turkish dancing from the over busy waiter definitely deserves a mention. As far as food trends go I think Turkish cuisine is not just a trend but in fact a great way to enjoy fresh food without overcomplicating it. Trends come and go but I think this one is here to stay.

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  • Atmosphere - 8/10
  • Food - 10/10
  • Service - 8/10
  • Value for Money - 10/10

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