Port of Siam

Port of Siam offers diners the opportunity to sample contemporary Thai fusion food in two establishments in Edinburgh. The original restaurant in Newhaven Harbour concentrates on Thai spices with locally sourced fish and seafood. The new establishment, just off Broughton Street in Edinburgh, offers a range of local fish and farm produce.

The décor is very simple and modern. As it was lunch time midweek there were not many diners, therefore there was no real atmosphere. However I was glad, as the tables were close together I imagine it would be a little to cosy if busy.


The lunch menu offered a variety of dishes, and at £9.95 for two courses this seemed like a great deal. We ordered two starters to share, Chicken Satay and Flash Prawns. Both dishes were very tasty but the portions were a little on the small side.

The Chicken Satay was marinated char grilled chicken breast. The meat itself was succulent and moist and tore away from the stick easily. The star of this dish was the homemade Thai style peanut sauce. A  delicious and moreish accompaniment to the chicken with added texture from the crunchy peanuts.


Chicken Satay

The Flash Fried Prawns were juicy and slightly sweet. They were coated in a very thin layer of flour to give them crispiness and were not greasy like many other fried prawn dishes. The dipping sauce was sweet chilli which complimented the prawns well. Served alongside was a very spicy salad which perhaps was overpowering and disguised some of the taste from the prawns.


Flash Prawns

For main course I opted for Prawn Pad Krapao which was served with rice. Again the prawns were juicy and bursting with flavour. They were stir fried with various vegetables including peppers, bamboo shoots, green beans, onions and pea shoots; all cooked so they were still slightly crunchy and released their natural flavours. The sauce had a real depth to it. Very subtle flavours to begin with, then you could taste the lemongrass and ginger coming through followed by a warming heat. The rice was sticky and well seasoned.


Prawn Pad Krapao

The other main course was Summer Green Curry. Tender pieces of chicken soaked in Thai green curry sauce. The sauce was very aromatic and plentiful. The dish had courgettes, broccoli, onions and bamboo shoots which gave different textures and flavours. The sticky jasmine rice that accompanied the curry was perfect for soaking up the sauce.


Summer Green Curry

Port of Siam offers a great value lunch. The food was very tasty and the staff were friendly. I will definitely return for lunch as it is such a great offer. I would also consider going back for a evening meal but as I have mentioned the restaurant was rather small and I feel that it would be rather cramped and uncomfortable if it was full.

Finer details

Bill for two: £35 (including a bottle of wine)

Food: Thai

Service: Welcoming

Atmosphere: Small restaurant, contemporary

Overall: 7/ 10

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