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I have never been to Mexico so I can’t say what authentic Mexican food tastes like. What I can say is that I know your ‘Old El Paso’ and ‘Discovery’ Mexican dishes are not as authentic as they claim to be. I often make homemade fajitas, guacamole and fresh salsa and love the comforting feel they give. However, sometimes I want to go somewhere special; somewhere that serves up something different other than the fajitas and burritos that we are all so familiar with.

In Edinburgh dining out for a Mexican meal has proven a task in the past. After the closure of Tijuana Yacht Club in Hannover Street, I have been on a quest to find a Mexican restaurant of the same quality. My husband and I decided to go to Miros Cantina, a Mexican restaurant on Rose Street on a Friday evening and what can I say? It may not quite hit the heights of  The Tijuana Yacht Club but Miros is a Mexican restaurant well worth a second visit.

First impressions can say a lot! As soon as you walk into this cosy little restaurant you are welcomed with aromas of lovely home cooked smells. With the brightly coloured tablecloths and Mexican souvenirs all over the restaurant, it instantly provides a vibrant impression. The tables are very close together so perhaps not for you if you’re looking for a romantic, intimate evening.

The menu had all of the typical Mexican foods but also a good selection of  specials and interesting dishes for those looking to deviate from the norm. After a long decision on what I was going to have (with a little help from the friendly waitress) we placed our order.

To start with I had Chorizo Asaado. This was Slices of picante sausage, grilled, and served with sweet chilli jam on the side and a homemade tortilla. The sausage was slightly crispy on the outside and lovely and soft inside. The jam had a slight spice with red chilli’s through it which gave the dish a perfect heat without overtaking the natural flavour of the chorizo. I have to admit my husband’s King Prawn dish was slightly tastier than mine. This was served with smokey bacon, grilled melted cheese, jalapeno peppers, salsa and warm tortilla. The prawns were succulent and juicy and all the flavours just merged. We both had a very good start to the meal and were looking forward to our mains.

The main course definitely lived up to my expectations. I am glad I went for the Borrego Con Miel. This was 7-hour cooked lamb, with Mexican honey and Smokey chipotle chillies. It truly melted in your mouth and was so tender and flavourful. My only critism is that it was served with mashed potatoes and spring onions through it. After re-reading the menu later it does say my dish was meant to be served with vegetable rice but I was given no explanation why they substituted it. I have to assume they made a mistake here and did not realise. It was good mash, I just don’t feel that it went as well as rice would have.  It was also served with amazing little tortillas and pickled red onion.

7 hour slow cooked lamb

7 hour slow cooked lamb

I have to admit I was very full, but I do have a sweet tooth so desert is always an ‘mmm I’ll have a look’ knowing I will always order! We opted to share one of the desserts on the specials board. Pineapple soaked in rum, served with chocolate sauce and ice cream. When it first came out I did not think too much of it, however it was the juiciest pineapple and unlike some deserts when they say they have alcohol in them you could taste the rum. Dipped into the hot dark chocolate sauce and with the cool ice-cream it was the perfect end to a very good meal.

Rum soaked pinapple

Rum soaked pinapple

To accompany our tasty meal we opted for beers with a slight twist. We had classic Mexican beers served chelada and michelada style.  Basically chelada is any beer served in a cold glass with salt rim and lime juice and michelada the same but with chilli added, very refreshing. I also had a traditional margarita which hit all the right notes. The waitresses were very relaxed and you did not feel rushed so after two white coffees we finally settled the bill.

I have never been to Mexico, so I can’t tell you what authentic Mexican food tastes like…… But I think this could come pretty close. And if it doesn’t then the Mexicans are missing a trick.

Finer details

Bill for two: £63

Food:  Mexican

Service: Friendly and helpful

Atmosphere: Vibrant small restaurant, good for a relaxed casual meal.

Overall: 7/ 10


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