So what makes Italian food, Italian street food? Civerino’s situated on Hunter Square in Edinburgh is an Italian street food and pizza slice bar. When looking at the menu I was not sure what made it street food. A selection of pastas, pizzas and starters/sharing dishes which you would be able to find in the majority of Italian restaurants. Looking around however it was a very chilled atmosphere and setting. Bare brick walls and wooden benches, an open kitchen and music playing. There was a good vibe for a weekend night out with friends. However, I did feel they could have done with cranking the heating up as it was pretty cold in the restaurant.


Unfortunately only half of the table were served their starters and it left four of us drooling over their food. The waiter was apologetic but the others had finished by the time we received our starters. As a gesture we were given wine which went some way to rectifying this.

When the steak did arrive I have to admit I quickly forgot that we had been waiting so long as it was delicious. The meat was tender and succulent and melted in your mouth. The Beef was served with rocket and sprinkled with parmesan which added seasoning. Sweet roast cherry tomatoes also accompanied the dish and a tomato sauce was served at the side in a foil tray. I felt that this was too cold for the steak and you actually did not need it as the beef was so tender and tasty. We were also given thin cut chips which were perfectly seasoned.


Rib Eye Steak

As soon as our starters were taken away our mains arrived. For main I shared Pizza and Parsley and chilli Calamari fritte with aoli. The Calamari was tasty. Perfectly cooked, not tough or chewy A sprinkle of parsley and chilli gave the dish freshness. The coating was crispy and seasoned well.



The pizza for me was the star of the meal.  I opted for the toppings of pepper, spicy Italian Sausage and Ndjua. The sourdough base was thin and crispy. The Nduja, a spicy spreadable pork sausage, was packed with flavour. Along with the Italian sausage the pizza did have a chilli kick but this didn’t overpower the thin base of tomato sauce. The pizzas are definitely ideal to share as they are really big, however you can take away what you don’t eat so this is always a good option!


Italian Sausage Pizza

So the question still stands what makes Italian food, Italian street food? Does giving diners paper plates and serving starters in foil trays make it street food? Also, should this not represent cheaper prices? I am still unsure what the answer is but I can say that the food at Civerinos was very tasty. The food alone would have scored more highly however I felt the benches were not the most comfortable. Having to ask for the window to be closed on several occasions and the somewhat overly laid back attitude lowered the overall experience.Click to add a blog post for Civerinos on Zomato

Finer Details

Bill for 1 : £30 (including wine)

Food: Italian Street food

Service: laid back

Atmosphere:  Chilled

Overall: 6.5/10


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