Bistro Moderne

Already having been to Mark Greenaway’s 3 AA rosette restaurant on North Castle Street, I had high hopes for his latest restaurant in Stockbridge, ‘Bistro Moderne’. Both restaurants have the same concept of using local fresh ingredients which are cooked in a classic French style but with an imaginative twist. However Bistro Moderne offers diners a more casual dining experience than his fine dining establishment, ‘Restaurant Mark Greenaway’.

The hotplate is in the dining area allowing customers to see the attractive plates of food going on the pass and the chefs busy at work. On the opposite side of the restaurant the bar area dominates, with tartan bar stools adding character to the room.  Instantly you are made to feel relaxed and welcome.

The lunch menu only has a choice of two starters, mains and desserts. However you can also try the à la carte menu during the day if you prefer. To start, I had Pressed Chicken Terrine with Homemade Piccalilli. This was a very light and enjoyable starter. The chicken was moist and succulent with a slight crunch from the carrot running through the terrine to give texture. The leek on the outside gave sweetness to the dish. The star of the plate was the piccalilli. The flavours were balanced to perfection and unlike many piccalilli’s the vegetables still had freshness and crunch.


Chicken Terrine with Homemade Piccalilli. 

For my main course I opted for the Olive Oil Poached Salmon, Fennel and Orange Salad with Beetroot Puree. The salmon flaked as soon as you put your fork into it. The fennel was not too overpowering and the small segments of juicy orange gave freshness to the dish. The beetroot puree acted as a sauce and brought the dish together.


Olive Oil Poached Salmon

We also ordered two side dishes to share. A portion of Pomme Frites and even though not on the menu as a side dish, a portion of polenta chips. Both were cooked to perfection; the pomme frittes were light and fluffy inside and crispy on the outside. The polenta chips should become a regular on the side dish menu as they were delicious and something I would definitely order again.


Polenta chips


Pomme Frites

To finish off I had Strawberry ‘Fish bowl’. This was presented in a lovely little glass ball bowl which allowed you to see all the colours and different ingredients.  In-season juicy strawberries were served along with marshmallowy meringue, smooth sorbet, sweet cream and Granola which added a crunch to the dish. A delightful way to end the lunch, not too filling or heavy, light and full of fresh flavors.


Strawberry ‘Fish Bowl

Throughout the meal the staff were attentive and friendly. They were understanding when two of our party could not come and accommodating with a fellow diners nut allergy. Nothing appeared too much trouble or hassle. The food was of a very high standard and more importantly was delicious. This is a restaurant I will definitely be returning to, to try their dinner menu.

Finer Details

Bill for four: £100 (Including wine and coffee)

Food: Classical French with a modern twist

Service: Friendly

Atmosphere: Casual

Overall: 8/10

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